Who benefits from orthopedics digital radiography?

Who benefits from orthopedics digital radiography?

The technological changes have transformed the way of delivering healthcare across the country. In orthopedics, the shift to digital radiography has led to significant improvements including simplified processes, faster image acquisition and improved image quality.

Digital radiography is popularly known as a digital x-ray. It helps in capturing image data without the use of screen-film. It commonly utilizes flat panel detectors which receive radiation passing through the patient and converts it into a digital image.

Digital radiography provides positive change and impacted a number of stakeholders in many ways

Reading Physicians

Dentist in San Diego delivers the diagnosis more confidently. Digital radiography allows them to find the difference between small anatomical structures and anomalies. They are able to read images with higher tissue contrast differentiation and thereby, create their own image look with customized post-processing.

Digital radiography enables practitioners to provide a higher level of care to the patients. Improved image quality along with the ability to enhance the images with software gives a better diagnosis.


Dentist in 92103 spends less time on operating machinery and more time with their patients. They stay with the patients from acquisition, to processing, to the sharing of X-ray images. This helps them in generating images instantly without the need for a cassette reading station.

Digital radiography gives an opportunity to utilize the updated technology with a low cost of ownership compared to traditional x-ray.


Dentist in San Diego, CA recommends eliminating the space and costs associated with CR cassettes and readers. This helps them to keep their practices running more efficiently. They can securely archive images with better connectivity, improve workflow, and ultimately, re-allocate resources.

Business Leaders/Executives

Digital radiography increases the imaging revenue of business leaders/executives by improving imaging throughout. It leverages the new technology to stay on top of changing reimbursement models.


Dentist San Diego, CA says digital radiography have a more positive imaging experience. It is faster, more comfortable examination and less exposure to radiation.

The benefits of DR are numerous. Visit a dentist near you to learn and explore the best option for your practice.

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