Signs That You May Need to Have a Tooth Extracted

Signs That You May Need to Have a Tooth Extracted

Are you confused as to why you should get your tooth extracted? Obviously, no one wants to go through any pain or look toothless in front of their friends. Then why would your dentist recommend you to go through the procedure? Following we have mentioned five reasons as to why you need it-

1. You have a damaged tooth

In the cases if badly decayed tooth or a tooth damaged in any other way, your dentist would try to get your problem solved through cleaning, filling, crown or so. When such problems turn out to be incurable through other options, then the dentist would recommend to get the tooth extracted. In case it is broken beyond repair, then he/she might even have to perform a surgery for the same. Dentist 92103 has had experience in this field and would help you with more information.

2. Your tooth is infected

If the pulp of the tooth is affected, then the dentist performs a root canal therapy. However, if root canal therapy and/or antibiotics don’t work, then the option left is to get your teeth extracted. Dentist in San Diego CA would make sure to guide their patient with the steps to be taken ahead.

3. You have crowded teeth

Either due to genetics or due to an injury that occurred earlier, some people often end up with too many teeth growing in the same area. This could be harmful as it may further cause periodontal issues, jaw joint damages and wear and tear. Dentist in San Diego CA suggest their patients to consider tooth extraction when they ae having crowded teeth and are looking for an orthodontic treatment.

4. You have impacted teeth

Most of the time, such cases are observed when people start getting their wisdom teeth. When these third molar teeth start hurting or crowding other teeth, dentists usually suggest to get them extracted. Go to a dentist near you and get a proper consultation done about the same.

5. You have loose teeth

Dentists always try to save loose teeth, but when it gets out of hand, the only option left is to get it extracted as it would only cause pain and might even infect your gums. This could further lead to loosening of other teeth on your jaw bone.

If you are facing any of the above mentioned problems then google “Dentist near me” and get your next appointment booked immediately.

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