Icon Resin Infiltration San Diego, CA

Have you recently noticed white spots or holes on your teeth? Think that you may be suffering from tooth decay? Dr. Rebecca Marsh is proud to announce a new, modern and non-invasive treatment option known as icon resin infiltration. With icon resin infiltration there is no drilling required, we can preserve your tooth structure while addressing cavities and even white spots.

About Icon Resin Infiltration Treatment

In the past, when it comes to the treatment of tooth decay and cavities, the only treatment option involved using a drill to carve out the area before filling them. Luckily, with advancements in dentistry new options such as icon resin infiltration is now available. When a patient neglects to properly care for their smile, bacteria, plaque and toxins can begin to build up in the mouth, resulting in tooth decay, cavities, and even unsightly white lesions. These white lesions are often caused due to a decrease in calcium within the tooth.

Benefits of Icon Resin Infiltration

When it comes to restoring teeth affected by poor oral hygiene, icon resin infiltration treatment has various benefits over other treatment options, including:

  • Icon resin infiltration can eliminate cavities before the advance, leading to severe decay, infection and even tooth loss.
  • Icon resin infiltration treatment can remove white spots in just one visit, leaving your smile looking much more appealing.
  • Icon resin infiltration is a non-invasive, less painful treatment option in comparison to other restorative dental options.
  • Icon resin infiltration treatment allows patients to be treated earlier, making it useful for those non-complaint patients.
  • Icon resin infiltration can prolong the life expectancy of your affected tooth.
  • Icon resin infiltration treatment allows lesions to be addressed before a full restoration is required, ending the “wait and see” approach quite a few dentists use.

Schedule Icon Resin Infiltration Today

Want to address your tooth decay, cavities or white lesions with icon resin infiltration? Contact Dr. Rebecca Marsh today. We’d be more than happy to get you on our schedule for a consultation.

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