Emergency Dentist San Diego, CA

Have you or a loved one experienced a dental emergency? Searching for an emergency dentist in San Diego, CA? Dr. Rebecca Marsh is proud to offer emergency dental care near you! We understand that emergencies can happen at any moment and are dedicated to providing the emergency dental care that our patients deserve.

Emergency Dental Treatment Near You

If you believe that you are experiencing a dental emergency, we recommend following the below advice and contacting our emergency dentist right away.

Emergency Dental Care for Severe Toothache

Although toothaches typically get worse over time, there are certain occasions where a sudden and/or severe toothache can occur. We recommend gently cleaning your smile, if the discomfort persists, contact Dr. Rebecca Marsh to schedule an appointment.

Damaged Teeth

Has an accident occurred resulting in chipped, cracked, fractured or even broken teeth? We recommend collecting any pieces, gently rinsing your mouth with water and contacting our emergency dentist in your area. We offer a variety of treatment options that can restore the appearance, function and even health of your affected tooth.

Dental Abscesses

Have you noticed a pimple or bump near your tooth or gums? Dental abscesses are typically minor infections, however, without treatment they can become more severe, even resulting in sepsis. We recommend scheduling an appointment at our emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

Dislodged Teeth

Has your accident resulted in a knocked-out tooth? We recommend immediately placing the tooth in milk or water, then gently rinsing your mouth. Next, contact us for emergency dental treatment. If the tooth cannot be saved, various treatment options are available to restore your missing tooth/teeth.

Damaged Dental Work

Have you damaged or lost a filling? Have your dentures been damaged? No problem, contact us today for an appointment. We’ll get your dental work repaired in no time.

Get Emergency Dental Services Today

Think you may need an emergency dentist? Contact Dr. Rebecca Marsh today to schedule your appointment. You can also book online now!