Digital Radiography San Diego, CA

Dr. Rebecca Marsh is dedicated to our patient’s smiles and overall health along with providing the safest, healthiest and most effective dental care possible. In order to do so, we utilize advanced technology, such as our digital radiography. Although traditional x-rays have been an extremely useful tool over the last 100+ years, advancements in technology have allowed us to provide quicker, safer and more effective x-rays while exposing our patients to less radiation. Interested in our digital x-rays? Contact us today. We are always accepting new patients, and we’d be more than happy to get you on our schedule.

Benefits of Our Digital X-Ray Machine

  • Digital radiography is less expensive than traditional x-rays for Dr. Rebecca Marsh, allowing them to be cheaper for her patients as well.
  • Digital x-rays produce far less radiation when being performed, making them a healthier choice for our community, environment, and planet.
  • Digital radiography uses about 70% less radiation, making them healthier and safer for our patients.
  • Digital x-rays are easier to take and can be viewed instantly, making our patients’ appointments often much shorter than other practices.
  • Digital radiography is imported straight into a computer, allowing for easy storage and transmission if need be. Just let us know where we need to send them.
  • Digital x-rays can be easily zoomed on a computer monitor, allowing your dentist to see a more detailed view of your oral health. This can also make it easier to notice, diagnose and treat complications before they advance.

Interested in diagnostic imaging that is quicker, more effective, safer and healthier? Contact Dr. Rebecca Marsh today to schedule an appointment!

Get Your Digital X-Rays Today!

Dr. Rebecca Marsh is dedicated to providing the most effective, safe and healthy care to our patients, and diagnostics are no different! With digital radiography, we can more easily diagnose and treat dental complications while keeping our patients safer. Contact Dr. Rebecca Marsh to schedule an appointment for your digital x-rays. We look forward to treating your smile!

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