Dental Exams Explained: What’s Really Going On During A Dental Exam

Dental Exams Explained: What’s Really Going On During A Dental Exam

Dental Check-up – or Sorcery?

At times, dental check-ups can seem a bit strange, something like a sorcery ritual. After all, you need to sit with your mouth open with bright lights shining on you, mirrors in your mouth, constant rinsing and spitting in a tiny sink

But in reality, dental check-ups is more than a mere cleaning and checking cavities. It helps in detecting dental and oral health issues at an early stage and can allow you to treat them before they aggravate.

This is the primary reason your dentist in San Diego recommends a dental check-up once in six months.

A Dental Check-up/Health Review

Our diet, lifestyle, medication, oral hygiene habits play a vital role in influencing our overall dental health. At times, we are unable to spot oral health issues until it is too late. This is probably one of the primary reasons why your dentist San Diego CA recommends a dental check-up once in six months.

Teeth Cleaning & Plaque Removal

Cleaning your teeth and removal of plaque is the first thing your dentist will do during your dental check-up. Certain food items might get stuck in between your teeth and plaque can accumulate in places which are difficult to clean by brushing and flossing.

Your dentist in 92103 will also check for any swellings on your gums, cavities or early symptoms of any form of dental problems or oral infection.

Examination of Your Mouth, Teeth, Gums & More

If you ever wonder, why does your dentist in 92103 places mirrors in your mouth which bright lights are shining over your mouth during a dental check-up, it a mainly to obtain a much more comprehensive look into your mouth.

Certain areas of your mouth are hard to see, and these mirror helps your dentist to look out for cavities, infections and remove plaque from these hard to reach regions of your mouth.

Dental Tests, Treatments & X-Rays

Your dental check-ups are useful in detecting indications of oral infections or dental issues in its early stages. At times, your dentist San Diego CA might need to be sure whether something they spotted is an indicator of any oral health issue.

Your dentist might use some form of dental test and x-ray to diagnose these oral health issues and prescribe treatments to ensure it does not spread further.

Hillcrest Dental Arts recommends visiting your dentist once in six months for a dental check-up to detect cavities, infections in their early stages and prevent them from escalating into some major.

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