It is important when choosing a dentist to ensure you receive not only the best in service, but that your dentist is using the most advanced tools possible. Dr. Rebecca Marsh understands that superior tools lead to superior results. That’s why we use only the most sophisticated technology available today at Hillcrest Dental Arts.

Digital X-rays and 3D Intraoral Scanner Treatment

Rather than the flat, two-dimensional X-rays of yesterday, Dr. Rebecca Marsh utilizes the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner. This incredible tool allows us to create 3D models which can be viewed digitally. This provides a much more detailed and nuanced view than traditional X-rays.

With a 3D model, we can view the tooth in exceptional, granular detail. We can zoom in, rotate, and truly engage with the tooth after it has been scanned. Best of all, we can illustrate this information for you one-on-one, giving you a live tour of any problem areas. The end result is that our work is faster and more accurate, and you have a better understanding of the procedures we perform.

Dental Air Abrasion in San Diego, CA

One of the newest technologies available in dentistry, air abrasion is a drill-less cleaning which removes decay gently and quickly. Currently only in the most forward-thinking of dentist offices, this procedure is the routine cleaning of the future. A fine stream of air is blasted at the tooth, utilizing particles of silica, baking soda, and aluminum oxide. The process is much more comfortable and effective than a drill.

Paperless Charting and Electric Hand Pieces

From the moment you walk in our office to the moment you leave, we have digitized everything. We have done this so we are more efficient and can serve you better and faster. While much of our technology is behind the scenes, digitizing it ensures the removal of human error and lowers wait time. All of our technology is brand-new, and we cut no corners in ensuring that we have the best.

Modern Comfort

Dr. Rebecca Marsh understands that comfort and quality of care go hand-in-hand. At Hillcrest Dental Arts, Dr. Rebecca Marsh and her team have combined the most modern tools with the most efficient digital processes. From your sign-in process to the chair you’ll sit in, everything is designed to make your dental experience the best you’ve ever had.

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