5 Facts about Your Sports Mouth Guard

5 Facts about Your Sports Mouth Guard

Quite often we hear of incidents where a sports person gets a severe dental injury or lose their teeth. This can be prevented by wearing sports mouth guards. Playing a contact sport increases the risk of tooth breakage, says dentist in 92103. If you play a contact sport or any other type of sports, you are at a risk of dental injury and you need to get a custom mouth guard made by dentist San Diego as soon as possible.

Here’s a look at some facts about sports mouth guards.

  • 1. Mouth guards protect your teeth.

Every time you are on the field, you are at risk of oral injury. The mouth guard is an oral appliance which fits over the upper teeth. A custom-made mouth guard offers great level of protection unlike the generic mouth guards that you can buy from a sports goods store. The custom-made mouth guards fit properly on your teeth.

  • 2. You can get a mouth guard for braces.

Many people believe that if they have braces, they can’t benefit from mouth guard. However, you need a mouth guard even if you are in the middle of the orthodontic treatment. The dentist will offer an upper and lower mouth guard so your braces don’t snag on the soft tissue on impact.

  • 3. You only need a mouth guard for top teeth.

The custom-made mouth guards are not a bulky dental appliance and you can easily breathe and feel comfortable with them during your game. You only need mouth guard for your upper teeth unless you have braces or other fixed orthodontic appliance.

  • 4. Clean your mouth guard.

The dentist near San Diego CA says that you must clean your mouth guard with a toothbrush minus paste and store them in a dry ventilated container. Not cleaning them can lead to bacteria and give you bad breath.

  • 5. Replace your mouth guard every 6 months.

The mouth guards won’t last forever and would begin to show signs of wear and tear. It is better to get them replaced every 6 months.

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